Evaluation Reports

Analysis Of Best Practices In Ecd Centres In The Eastern Cape Province In The Context Of Legislation And Policy

Pre-Exposure Report
01 May 2017

The need for knowledge and evidence in Early Childhood Development (ECD) policymaking and programming is widely recognised as critical for the effective implementation of policy, growth and development of this field of practice. A systematic review of education research that was undertaken for the National Research Fund (NRF); evaluated 10,315 texts and found that there is inadequate character of research available on ECD that could feed into policy-making and implementation.

In light of the above, the National Development Agency (NDA) in partnership with the University of Fort Hare’s Early Childhood Centre of Excellence conducted a research study whose main purpose is to inform effective implementation of the ECD policy and produce best practices in Early Childhood Development centres in the context of legislation and policy.