Capacity Building

 The Capacity Building programme is designed to ensure that civil society organisations (CSOs) have the institutional capacity to undertake the work that they are supposed to be doing. The programme strengthens the institutional and technical capacity of CSOs to enable them to deliver sustainable and quality services when carrying out development programmes and projects in poor communities.  

Given the state of some of the CSOs registered with the Department of Social Development, particularly the decline in performance and compliance with the Non Profit Organisations Act (NPOs); the national NPO Summit called by Minister Bathabile Dlamini in 2012, resolved that the NDA should reach out to as many organisations as possible with its capacity building interventions.

Since 2013, following the Summit recommendations, the NDA has trained over 5000 civil society organisations to enable them to implement community development programmes successfully, comply with NPO legislation and account for funds that they receive from donors.


 The NDA’s approach to Capacity Building

 The NDA uses a three-step approach to ensure that its capacity building interventions are sustainable.  These are:

  1. Training

  2. Mentorship

  3. Incubation


Areas of intervention being offered to strengthen organisations


Technical training

The NDA also offers technical training in the areas such as ECD Practioner training (12 months NQF Level 4), brick making, farming (broilers, layers, dairy and cattle farming), garment making, crop production and woodwork.  Accredited service providers are engaged to conduct training and the NDA oversees the delivery and evaluation of training offered.    



The NDA undertakes knowledge improvement and practice evaluations of all its interventions so as to measure their impact. Participants are evaluated before and after training and mentorship has taken place.


National coverage

The NDA, through its provincial offices is able to offer capacity building interventions throughout South Africa.  Its team of Capacity Building Officers and Development Managers have a wealth of experience in the development sector.


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Capacity Building

Provincial NDA Advisory Centres are walk-in places where trained personnel provide information, counseling support, guidance, and referral services to members of the public…


The NDA provides grants to civil society organisations through two methods, namely, Request For Proposals (RFP) and Programme Formulation.

early childhood development

Early Childhood Development (ECD) funding and assistance are available for children in need of resources to enable them to realise their full potential.

projects management

The NDA part takes in in the managing of a variety of programmes established and sustained in order to encourage development initiatives for communities in need.