Funding Information (Methods of granting)

The NDA provides grants to civil society organisations through two methods, namely, Request For Proposals (RFP) and Programme Formulation

1. Request for Proposals (RFP)

This is a competitive process which is based on the principles of transparency and the capacity of those who apply for funding.

Why RFP?

  • It is a competitive approach to resource allocation which takes into account financial limitations on the part of the NDA
  • It promotes adherence to good corporate governance and accountability in relation to public funds
  • It has an in-built capacity building approach 
  • Provides primary research data on CBOs and NGOs.

Who is targeted by this approach?

Well established CBOs and NGOs in organised communities


  • The NDA invites proposals from CBOs and NGOs based on pre-set policy criteria and process
  • Review and selection of submissions
  • Decision and approval by the Board

2. Programme Formulation

This approach involves reaching out to identified deserving communities to undertake activities on ?building of social capital? at community level.

Why Programme Formulation?

  • It enables capacity building processes for poor communities with weak CBOs and NGOs (internal staff and community members)
  • It is an NDA-driven approach in grant funding
  • It is an area and sector specific targeted intervention
  • Priority listing

Who is targeted by this approach?

Communities with weak CBOs and NGOs (who cannot access external resources on their own).


  • Pro-active process of grant funding
  • NDA organises communities to identify needs
  • Decision and approval based on predefined policy and criteria


3. Special Projects

The NDA may partner with relevant institutions to co-finance, provide
technical support and implement specific projects with credible private and
public sector institutions specifically in the areas of job creation and
sustainable economic enterprises. The NDA may provide grant funding to
national strategic projects that have the potential to yield best practice
in enabling the poor to participate in the formal economy of South Africa.

Core Areas of Funding

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Food security
  • Income generation
  • Capacity building
  • Programmes Supporting
  • Vulnerable Groups 


NDA Funding Cycle


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