The Project Management Unit (PMU) is a critical component of the NDA that provides project management services to the organisation. This is mainly through resource mobilisation from both the private and public sectors, locally and internationally. The unit provides expert management of projects’ value chain, underpinned by a significant track record of working with civil society organisations.  

Why the NDA?

  What benefits does the PMU offer your organisation?


Capacity Building

Provincial NDA Advisory Centres are walk-in places where trained personnel provide information, counseling support, guidance, and referral services to members of the public…


The NDA provides grants to civil society organisations through two methods, namely, Request For Proposals (RFP) and Programme Formulation.

early childhood development

Early Childhood Development (ECD) funding and assistance are available for children in need of resources to enable them to realise their full potential.

projects management

The NDA part takes in in the managing of a variety of programmes established and sustained in order to encourage development initiatives for communities in need.