Evaluation Reports

Avulwamasango Farming Cooperative

Close-out Evaluation Report 
01 May 2014

The National Development Agency Act No 108 of 1998 states that the National Development Agency’s (NDA) mandate is to contribute towards the eradication of poverty and its causes by granting funds to civil society organisations for the implementation of integrated and sustainable community driven programmes and contribute towards the eradication of poverty in areas that income generation.

Importantly, the NDA identifies income generation as an important area for intervention and sets out to support the creation of opportunities for communities to productively use locally available resources to develop less state and aid dependent, more self-reliant households and communities able to care for themselves. Avulwamasango Cooperative (herein referred to as Avulwamasango) fits neatly within the NDA’s focus areas of intervention through grant funding. The current close out evaluation is therefore a part of the elements of the NDA’s funding cycle (Project Proposal- PrioritisationAssessment- Approval-Grant Disbursement- Monitoring- Evaluation).