Research Reports

Ecd Practitioner Services

A literature review to establish the theory based on ECD practitioners' practices in SA and on a global scale to inform the longitudinal study on ECD.
01 September 2016

According to the (Department of Social Development 2007) the well being of children depends on the environment, community and the functions of their families. Children need to grow up in a nurturing and secure environment that can ensure that they develop physically and emotionally. From an environmental perspective, it means safe water, basic sanitation, and protection from violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination. These essentials work best together and lay the foundation for life and early childhood Development contributes in playing a role to ensure that this is delivered.

Early Childhood Development needs to attend to the child’s health, nutrition, development, psychosocial and other needs. Parents, communities, nongovernmental organisations and government departments have a role to play to ensure an integrated service to children. Access to basic social services is the right of all children, parents and other primary caregivers. They should have access to as many resources as possible to provide in the needs of young children (Department of Social Development 2007).