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Enhancing Active Citizenry Engagement In South Africa

Enhancing active citizenry engagement in South Africa
01 March 2015

This report mainly presents the findings of the active citizenry engagement study commissioned by the National Development Agency (NDA) as part of the research and evaluation partnership signed by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the NDA, with the overarching objective of assessing the role of Community Development Forums and Foundations (CDFs) in enhancing effective and accountable citizenry engagement.

The motivation, goals and objectives for this study, and the definitions and key concepts underpinning the understanding of active citizenry, have been extensively expanded on in the literature review document of this study. Also explained in the literature are the value of promoting active citizenry, the evolution of active citizenry in South Africa both pre and post-apartheid, the enabling institutions and framework for advancing active citizenry in South Africa, the role of government, typologies of citizen engagement in South Africa, international experiences in development frameworks for active citizenry, and guidelines for enhancing active citizenry engagement. Full details of these aspects of the study can therefore be obtained from the full literature review report. In addition the methodology used in this study, the sampling framework, inclusion and exclusion criteria, the sample size, sample list, unit of analysis, target universe list and the final sample list have also been presented in detail in the Field Work Report of this study. However, key and relevant aspects of the literature review and methodology have been summarised in this report to facilitate coherence with the findings of the study.