Research Reports

Funding Constraints And Challenges Facing Civil Society Organisations In Sa

Research on challenges facing CSOs stemming from the perceptions that funding in this sector decreased.
24 August 2018

The research on funding constraintsand challenges facing civil society organisations stem from the growing perceptions from the civil society sector that funding to this sector has significantly decreased since independence in 1994. There is a general feeling from the public also that civil society groups have become less active and visible. There are assumptions that this is due to neglect by government and the corporate sector in supporting this sector both financially and in kind. There are also arguments that the human capital (skills) that use to propel this sector during the apartheid period rapidly moved from this sector to the public and private sector. The civil society sector has been unattractive for skilled people to work in it because of poor pay, poor working environment that does not guarantee workers sustainability, poor governance and accountability in the sector and lack of management and leadership in the civil society sector.

The National Development Agency (NDA) was created to support the civil society sector through grant funding for projects to be implemented by this sector; building the sector capacity to deliver on developmental programmes and conducting research that can inform national policy on development. This research will inform national policy and NDA on how to support this sector to ensure that it remains vibrant and contributes significantly in the developmental efforts of the state.